McCaughrin Maritime Marine
Systems. Inc., (MMMSI)
MMMSI (MI) Headquarters,
34660 Elm Street, Suite 1001,
Wayne, Michigan 48184-1304
          24 Hour Operations 
McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems. Inc.
MMMSI has a specific design: "No" Container Pools, in its Operation of Service in the region it plans to operate. The MMMSI principles of smooth delivery of containers in a timely manner to clients and customers are based on guaranteed agreements within those time limits.


Mr. Brian R. McCaughrin has brought McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems, Inc., (MMMSI) to the forefront in less than 3 years. This is truly an achievement, considering most companies don't get off the ground until the 5th year. Mr. McCaughrin has said from the start, MMMSI CEO and Chairman, is God, Jesus Christ, & Holy Spirit. The success of this firm is because of what I have learned from Them in the past 3 years. For the people God has put into my life, I say Thank you, and God Bless You.

I am honored by the people in the cargo transportation community who have taught me much and even selected me for inclusion in the International Who's Who of Professionals for 1998. The professionals in shipping selected Mr. Brian R. McCaughrin as a testament to the professional, academic and civic achievement of the members. I am very "Honored" by this, thank you.

Secondly: My dad: Dr. Walter S. McCaughrin who saw something in me at the young age of 12. He always pushed for success and always said "Never back away from your dreams".

Thirdly: All of the employees at MMMSI, The Board of Directors, and Advisors who have continued to back my determination to move forward and to show me things I am actively seeking to learn. I thank you all and God bless you all.

Shipping Industry Award


  • 3 Years at W.R. Filbin & Company, Inc.
  • 6 Years in the US Navy Amphibious 6th Fleet
  • 14 Years in Retail Business
  • 35 Years Northwest Air Cargo Inc.
  • 25 Years McCaughrin International Air Cargo Inc.
  • 3 Years in the Trucking Industry
    With many years of different experiences, this is what led me to create my own business for the last 28 years.